Danny Duffy says it’s ‘huge’ for Royals to have Jorge Bonifacio back in the lineup

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Danny Duffy on the change in approach that has inspired his recent success: "What I was doing wasn't working, so I tried to figure something new out. This isn't something new as (much as) it is trying to rekindle what I had when I first came up."

DANNY DUFFY: Yeah, I would say trusting my fast ball's been big these last couple months of the season. That was one thing he told me when I was, you know, like the worst part of my struggle early on. And we just got to trust, you know, what we have in the tank. That's what got me here is my fastball. I didn't get here by thumbing.

Able to pick and choose our battles with our off-speed. And Salvy once again called a great game.

REPORTER: Do you feel like from pretty early on that you have your best stuff?

DANNY DUFFY: Yeah, it's kind of been that way the last two starts. I can feel it in the pen when it's coming out of my hand good. And the curveball's been, you know, a god-send. I've been able to wrangle that up again after a few years of not having it. We used our weapons the way we needed to today.

REPORTER: And how did that usage of the curveball-- I know it's been kind of a process-- but how did that kind of come to be, kind of bring that out?

DANNY DUFFY: I mean, what I was doing wasn't working. So I tried to figure something new out. And this isn't so new as it is just trying to rekindle what I had when I first came up. So that's something that has been huge for us.

And Salvy, again, you know, having the confidence to call it in important situations, you know, makes me feel better about it. And he's been really using that a lot and puts down his fingers. And I'm happy that we're at where we're at with it.

REPORTER: How much does it help you guys to have Bonifacio back in the lineup?

DANNY DUFFY: It's huge, man. Boni's a great player. And he's going to give you a good at-bat every time out. And he's got an idea of what he wants to accomplish every time he's up at the plate.

He's definitely a guy who has been important to us in the sign up.

REPORTER: How have you guys kept your energies up, your feelings about the game up, during this trying time? I know every city you go to some new reporter asks you the same thing. But how tough is that?

DANNY DUFFY: Well, I mean it's a valid question. It's not fun to go through losing streaks. And, you know, while we feel the losses. We feel every loss and it hurts. You know, we've got to celebrate the wins.

They've been, obviously, few and far between for us this year. So, like I said, it's definitely a valid question. So, you know, we've been doing our best to treat each day like a new day. And there's an opportunity to win a baseball game every day.