Graham Smith on Sporting KC comeback win: ‘Unreal feeling right now’

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Graham Smith will remember Saturday's game for a long, long time.

[MUSIC PLAYING] - Pretty crazy game to make your debut in, isn't it? How are you feeling making your debut here tonight?

- Unreal I'm ecstatic with the three points. It shows the resilience of the group. Fought back. I don't think there was ever a doubt in anybody's mind that we were going to come out here with three points, an unreal feeling right now.

- And for you personally, being able to make your debut, what does that feel like, having come through the college ranks and now in your first MLS game?

- Yeah, yeah, I mean, it's a great group of guys. I couldn't have asked to come to a better organization. All of the resources they have has really made the transition easy. And I can't tell you how helpful Ike and Tim and, Ille, and Roger. It was like-- it was like I was playing the game I've played a hundred times with the help that they gave me.

- Almost a little bit of baptism by fire though. You guys concede the early goal, and then you're down 2-0 at halftime. What did Peter Vermes tell you guys in the halftime locker room?

Yeah, he just told us to push the pace, which I think you saw. I think we dominated the second half. Would have liked to come out with that fire. But once we started competing and imposing our will, it was a pretty one-sided game, and luckily it was enough.

- And then Diego Rubio, 43 seconds onto the pitch and he gets the equalizer. What do you make of the substitutions that you guys made here tonight?

- The substitutions were huge. Kyrie as well. Is that the third time Diego's done that? Unreal. He's got a knack, goal, score, score, and that's what he did tonight. And credit to all those guys.

- Well, thank you, Graham. Congratulations on the debut, and congratulations on the epic comeback. Yeah, appreciate it thank you.