Jason Hammel frustrated after a solid start: ‘Losing is getting old’

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Jason Hammel is frustrated after a solid start in which the defense committed two errors behind him: "We got to be better than that."

- Throwing the ball well lately, just no breaks. And Salvy and I have been in a really good rhythm. Even when Drew steps in it's pretty much very fluid. So I'm just frustrated. We had plenty of chances to get out of some innings, and a couple of errors, including some of my own. We're just-- It's just, we got to be better than that. The losing's getting old.

REPORTER: Jason, Ned mentioned that he thought command was the key to you with these past few starts. Is that a fair assessment you think or is something else going on too?

- Yeah. Obviously, command is where it starts to be able to put the ball where you want it. But mixing it up, giving different looks, not staying in the same spot, and changing up sequences. Like I said with Salvy, I feel like he and I are finally on the same page. And when I shake I get the pitch that I want. And it makes for a much better flow to the game plan. So yeah, obviously giving them a little more, throwing more curveballs.

Tonight I threw some good change-ups. Second time Votto's hit a change-up off me, which is kind of crazy, split my shin open back in '15. And now he's off the bicep. So he obviously asked if I was fine. So, stand up guy. But as long as we continue to move the ball around like that we should keep getting outcomes like this.

REPORTER: Take us through that seventh inning, Jason, just a lot of soft contact and just some weird stuff going on.

- I made some pitches. Sometimes in that regard, that's all I can do is make pitches. And I know that guys aren't trying to kick ball and they're not trying to misplay it. But at this level, those things affect the outcome. That's the game in a nutshell. Whoever makes the less mistakes is usually the team that comes out on top.

So we made some mistakes tonight and it cost us.

REPORTER: When Votto hit that one it was like 97 miles an hour. Did it affect you at all or does the adrenaline just kick in or--

- It hit me square in the bicep. I'm a pretty stout guy. So it didn't really affect me too much.


Honestly, I thought when he hit it back at me it was a little slow moving, almost like it was a change-up hit back at me. But in that situation, sometimes those balls catch you if you do get a glove on it. But yeah, it was bang, bang. So it's lucky it didn't hit me in the face.