Ned Yost: Ian Kennedy ‘had everything going’ against Reds

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Ned Yost says Kelvin Herrera "just struggled to get a grip on the ball" Tuesday night against the Reds.

- Well, in their judgment, he didn't leave the baseline. I said, well, in my judgment, he did. Could you check with Laz? And Laz was of the same opinion. You don't really have much of an argument there. It's not reviewable and I haven't looked at the replay.

REPORTER: That's a nice defensive play, Salvy-s play there at third. McCarthy seemed flustered at first, but ultimately.

- I don't think he was flustered. I just-- I felt that he just kind of elevated a pitch here or there. But we like him in that situation. We felt like he was our best option to get through it.

REPORTER: What was it that you or Nick was seeing to make you go out and visit Cal?

- Well, Salvy thought there was something-- there was an issue with him. So we went out to check it and the issue was the ball was just very slick. He just was having a hard time getting some-- getting a grip on the ball. That was his issue.

Feels great, just he was just really struggling. Hand, I guess, was sweating. He just struggled to get a grip on the ball.

REPORTER: What'd you think of Kennedy tonight?

- I thought he was fantastic. I mean, eight strong, scoreless innings. Three hits-- or I think it was three. Just was fantastic. He had everything going. The second inning he worked around two walks and a single, but really got his breaking ball going after that and spotted his fastball well. And so it's just an outstanding pitched game for him.

REPORTER: Is there anything he did tonight than recently?

- Command. His command on his breaking ball was really good. He could throw it at will for strikes.

REPORTER: Now if the rule is three feet out of the baseline, do you think it should?

- It doesn't matter what the rule is. It's what the umpire's judgment is.

REPORTER: But do you think it should be reviewable to look?

- I think there's a lot of things that should be reviewable. But there's a lot of things that could go in that reviewable list, yes.