Royals owner Glass: We need to build on this team and keep it going

KANSAS CITY, Mo. — The Royals’ amazing run through the playoffs has been special to all those connected to the team. And Royals owner David Glass vows that they won’t be finished with playoff runs after this season.

"Dayton (Moore) and his people have built a base," Glass told, "and what we need to do now is sustain that and build on that and keep it going."

Glass said before Wednesday’s Game 7 that he won’t take any credit for the team getting to the World Series this season.

"The plan was to get here, but to do it a lot quicker," he said. "And it has all come together now. The people that are the architects of all this and the players themselves, they deserve all the credit.

"I’m just along for the ride. But it’s Dayton and Ned (Yost) and their people who have done the work. I’m really proud of these players, too, because they’re fun to watch."

Glass said one person would be very proud to see the Royals back in the World Series — former owner Ewing Kauffman, a close friend of Glass’ who died in 1993.

"Oh, yeah, he would be beside himself," Glass said of Kauffman. "I think he’s looking down and saying, ‘Hey, win more.’


"Ewing is the reason this team is here in the first place. He stepped up and got the team and made it successful. This is just a continuation of what he was able to do."

After Kauffman’s death, the team went through some hard times adjusting to the new economics of the game. It was Glass who helped steward the team through Kauffman’s succession plan, and it was Glass who made sure the team stayed in Kansas City, which was Kauffman’s primary wish.

And it sure beats all those 100-loss seasons.

"I don’t even remember those," Glass said, smiling. "When were those?"

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