Royals’ Cain takes extensive BP, reports no pain

KANSAS CITY, Mo. — Royals center fielder Lorenzo Cain, recovering from a strained oblique muscle, on Tuesday took the most extensive batting-practice session yet since his injury, and he reported no discomfort.

Cain wouldn’t say when the Royals may let him come off the disabled list but he did reiterate that he feels he is at the day-to-day stage.

Royals manager Ned Yost, though, has indicated that Cain won’t be rushed because of the nature of the injury — oblique strains are easily re-injured.

Tuesday, Cain took about 60 to 70 swings between soft toss and batting practice, which he will do again Wednesday.

When asked if his swings Tuesday were as violent as his normal swings are, Cain laughed loudly and said, “No, it probably wasn’t as violent as I usually swing. But it was still pretty hard. And I made it through fine, so, like I said, it’s getting really close.

“I’ve done the fielding and the running and hitting off the tee. I’ve done all the baseball activities now. I felt like we accomplished a lot today.”

What happens next for Cain in terms of his rehab is a bit uncertain. The Royals could send him to Omaha for a quick rehab stint now that the Storm Chasers have extended their season by making the playoffs.

“There’s really nowhere else to rehab because seasons are over,” Cain said. “If nothing else, you just take it on head on. You go out there and do the best you can (without a rehab stint). Whatever happens, happens.

“Yes, I took some time off and my timing will be a little bit off, but I should get it back OK. I can bounce back and hopefully it won’t take as long as anyone might think.”

Cain was placed on the disabled list Aug. 10. The strain, to his left side, is something he never wants to experience again.

“Oh, man, this is one of the toughest injuries,” he said. “For the first few days it was tough just to move around. Anytime you coughed or sneezed, it felt like someone was stabbing you with a knife. Man, it was painful.

“But I’ve definitely gotten a lot better.”

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