Pair of Royals turn to perfume in effort to strike out stinkiness

Salvador Perez has no shame in using women's fragrances in order to counterbalance the stench from his catching gear.  

Denny Medley/Denny Medley-USA TODAY Sports

KANSAS CITY, Mo. — Hey, sometimes a ballplayer just has to smell pretty.

Forget the old stereotypes of sweaty old ballplayers stinking up locker rooms and dirty dugouts.

Royals catcher Sal Perez and shortstop Alcides Escobar see no reason not to add some pleasant odors to the foulness of their work environment.

So they wear perfume while they’re playing.

As in Chanel. And Victoria’s Secret.


"It started with him (Escobar)," Perez said. "I noticed he always smelled pretty good.

"Then I started trying it. And I liked it."

Perez explained that he truly did want to rid his bulky and sweat-soaked catching gear of some of its rankness — the powerful scent of women’s perfume did the trick.

Same goes for Escobar. It gets pretty hot and muggy in Kansas City, you know, and when you play every day as Escobar does, you can get downright stinky at times.

Signal in Victoria’s Secret from the bullpen.

"Actually, most of the time, it’s just (perfumed) lotion," Perez said. "We use the lotion a lot. It’s great."

And what kind of comments does Perez get from the umpires who have to huddle in close to him behind home plate?

"One of them said I smell like a girl," Perez said. "That’s OK. Most of them like it, too."

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