No matter how you slice it, every Chiefs trend is up, up, up, baby

KANSAS CITY, MO. — The mad march through history continues. You like numbers? Oh, we’ve got numbers: The Kansas City Chiefs are now the first team in NFL history to be 9-0 in the first season of a new starting quarterback and new head coach, the first team to start 9-0 after winning two or fewer games the year before, and the first team to start 9-0 after coming off the previous season’s worst record. The improvement of plus-seven wins from 2012’s 2-14 disaster is already the biggest single-season improvement from one year to another in franchise annals.

And we’ve still got seven more to play…


:03 … Thanks to Smith and Hali, that’s seven non-offensive touchdowns — five on defense — on the season, right? How close is that to a team record?

It’s on the right pace, let’s put that way. The club record for defensive touchdowns in a single fall is nine, set by that Gunther Cunningham bunch in 1999. The club record for returns in a season is 11, set in 1992 and matched by that aforementioned ’99 squad.

The Chiefs have four pick-sixes through nine games; the club mark for interception returns in a single season is six, set in 1992. The single-season record for fumble returns for scores is four, in 1999. And, hey, here’s some more, while we’re up: The Chiefs have two special teams touchdowns; the club record for a season is five, set in 1986 and tied in 1987.

:02 … Big-picture, what does 10-0 mean?

First things first — Peyton Manning will have something to say about that, ya feel. But 15 NFL teams since 1969 have opened a season with 10 straight wins, and here are how those seasons played out:

* 1969 Rams // 0-1 in the playoffs
* 1972 Dolphins // Won Super Bowl
* 1973 Vikings // Lost Super Bowl
* 1975 Vikings // 0-1 in the playoffs
* 1984 Dolphins // Lost Super Bowl
* 1985 Bears // Won Super Bowl
* 1990 49ers // 1-1 in playoffs
* 1990 Giants // Won Super Bowl
* 1991 Redskins // Won Super Bowl
* 1998 Broncos // Won Super Bowl
* 2005 Colts // 0-1 in the playoffs
* 2007 Patriots // Lost Super Bowl
* 2009 Colts // Lost Super Bowl
* 2009 Saints // Won Super Bowl
* 2011 Packers // 0-1 in the playoffs

If you’re counting, of those 15 clubs, 10 reached the Super Bowl, or 66.7 percent. Of those 15, six — 40 percent — won the whole shebang. On the flip side, four of those teams — 26.7 percent — lost their only postseason game. So while there are a whole lot of Super Bowl appearances out of this particular fraternity, it guarantees you absolutely zilch.

:01 … OK then, genius, what does being the last unbeaten mean?

Flip a coin. Since 1984, there’ve been 31 clubs that have been the last unbeaten NFL franchise in any particular year, and here’s how they fared:

* Missed the playoffs entirely: one team (Saints, ’93)
* Eliminated in the Wild Card round: three teams (including the Chiefs of ’10)
* Eliminated in the Divisional Round: six teams (including the Chiefs of ’03)
* Eliminated in the Conference Championship: five
* Reached the Super Bowl: 16
* Won the Super Bowl: 10

More percentages, then: Based on this particular sample size, the last unbeaten team in the NFL — in this case, the 9-0 Chiefs — has a 51.6 percent chance of reaching the Super Bowl and a 32.3 percent chance of winning it. Again, even though the final destination of this journey remains up in the air, it’s hard not to get a little stoked about those kind of beautiful odds.

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