K-State coach, 74, still digs 18-hour days, late-night Taco Bell runs

Bill Snyder often is relegated to late-night trips to Taco Bell. 

At 74, you’d probably expect to see Bill Snyder at a Cracker Barrel before Taco Bell anywhere around midnight. 

Well, that’s not how that Wildcat rolls. 

It’s not that the Kansas State football coach wants to eat Taco Bell every day, and he doesn’t. It’s simply one of the few options he has. And while eating at midnight is more commonly referred to as a "Fourth Meal," it is actually sometimes Snyder’s only meal. 

In a recent interview with ESPN, the Wildcat legend explained, "Taco Bell is open at midnight, (my wife’s cooking) is not."

The reason for late-night munchies? He still pulls 18-hour days at the office and often skips meals altogether. 

"It’s not always Taco Bell," Snyder told ESPN. "I like Taco Bell. But I eat at other places." 

Entering his 23rd season at K-State, it’s clear that he isn’t taking anything for granted. 

Now the only queston that remains is what his go-to order is.