How much of a draftnik is Paul Rudd? He recorded it to watch Chiefs pick

Chiefs fan Paul Rudd says he told friends not to tell him who the Chiefs drafted in the first round so he could watch the drama unfold later via DVR.

Kansas City Chiefs/Twitter

Noted Kansas City Chiefs and Royals fan Paul Rudd had a confession to make when he appeared Tuesday on the nationally syndicated Rich Eisen Show to promote his new movie Ant-Man: He’s such an NFL Draft nerd, he not only watched all seven rounds, he recorded the first round when he couldn’t be home to watch it live.

"My son, who is now 10 and also a die-hard Chiefs fan … we had made a plan, we’re going to watch the draft together," said Rudd, who sported an Eric Berry "Berry Strong" T-shirt on the program, then changed into a Jamaal "Charles in Charge" shirt. "We did. We watched the entire draft, minus that first round, together."

"He (had) demanded that I wake him up," said Rudd, an alum of Shawnee Mission West High School in suburban Kansas City. "… I thought, ‘I’ll let it go until the Chiefs pick and then I’ll wake him up.’ But by about the fifth pick he came out, like he’s rubbing his eyes and he comes walking out, and he’s giving me one of those, ‘Dude! You said you were gonna wake me up!’ And then I had to explain, ‘We’re still 10 picks away.’"

Rudd said he liked the Chiefs’ first-round pick of Washington cornerback Marcus Peters. As did Jack.

"I don’t really know that much, but my son does," he said. "He’s like, ‘Oh, Peters, he’s a beast.’"

"They’re for real," he said.

"Because everyone is throwing baseballs at them," he replied. "… I do not think that this is all Royals. They’re getting antagonized a little bit, too. And I think you can only get hit by so many baseballs."