Hey, Kansas City! Chiefs have a new TD celebration song

It’s catchy. It’s home-grown. And it’s designed to taunt.

It’s "Hey, Kansas City!", the Chiefs’ new touchdown celebration song at Arrowhead Stadium.

The song was selected by Chiefs fans via 11 days of online and in-app voting. "Hey, Kansas City!" earned 45.9 percent of the total vote. "Let Me Clear my Throat" by DJ Kool accounted for 31.9 percent, and "Song 2" by Blur received 22.2 percent. All three songs were played in a rotation after touchdowns in both preseason games at Arrowhead.

The song was written by David George, who grew up in Kansas City among other places, and is performed by his band, David George & A Crooked Mile.

"It is an honor to even be considered for this opportunity. To then have the Chiefs fans vote for ‘Hey, Kansas City!’ to be the new touchdown song is unimaginable," George said in a Chiefs press release. "I am overwhelmed and humbled by the endorsement of the great fans who voted for the song, and I am extremely appreciative of their support."

For those Chiefs fans who are heavily invested in chanting "You, you, you!" along with the previous celebration song (Gary Glitter’s "Rock N Roll Part 2"), fear not. A similar chant is woven into the new song.

"Much of the feedback we received from Chiefs fans was that they wanted to retain the feeling and intimidation factor that comes when 75,000-plus fans chant in unison," Chiefs president Mark Donovan said. "Because the fan chant is not part of the Gary Glitter song and was added by Chiefs fans, we asked David George to incorporate that element in the beat of the new song. We think this addition to the new touchdown song will deliver that traditional aspect of Arrowhead touchdowns that our fans love."

Another plus: The stadium won’t be rocking a song performed by a convicted sex offender. Glitter was sentenced to 16 years imprisonment last year after being convicted of multiple charges.