Former K-State standout torches nets during workout

Laurie Koehn made it rain.

No, not with money in the club a la Pacman Jones. Koehn preferred the 3-point variety.  

The former Kansas State women’s basketball standout was back in Manhattan recently working out at team facilities when she put on a clinic from behind the 3-point line.

She makes 132 shots from the top of the arc out of 135 attempts … in five minutes. For you mathletes out there, that’s a 97.8 percent clip. Not too shabby.

To put Koehn’s streak in perspective, Kobe Bryant also made 132 3’s this season. But it took 407 attempts. Granted he wasn’t gift wrapped open shots from the top of the key, but still. Kevin Durrant stepped to the free-throw line 750 times this season with nobody defending him and only (league leader) made 90.5 percent. The NBA’s top shooter from deep this season was Jose Calderon at 46 percent. Weak.

Step your game up, boys.

After graduating from Kansas State, Koehn took her talents to the next level. She has spent five seasons in the WNBA, most recently with Atlanta. In her career, she has made 105 of 244 3-point attempts, once netting five in a game back in 2007 while with Washington.