Couple celebrates wedding at Big 12 title game

KANSAS CITY, Mo. — Sorry, sweetheart, the honeymoon will have to wait.

We got tickets for Kansas basketball!

That apparently was the case for newlyweds Eric and Faith DeVault, who got married Saturday morning at Eric’s parents’ home in Overland Park, Kan. They then had plenty of time to ride in the wedding party’s limo to Sprint Center to watch his beloved Kansas Jayhawks roll past Kansas State, 70-54, Saturday night in the Big 12 tournament title game.

And they didn’t bother to change out of his black tuxedo (with a KU tie) or her off-white wedding gown.

“It didn’t really occur to us to change what we were wearing,” Eric said. “It’s our wedding day. We thought it’d be fun.”

And it was. They got the choice tickets — several rows up in the lower level behind the KU bench — as a wedding gift from Eric’s brother.

Eric, as a 2009 graduate of Kansas, figured that accepting the tickets as a gift was a no-brainer. But is Faith even a basketball fan?

“She is now,” Eric said, laughing. “No, seriously, she’s really been a trooper.”

Added Faith, “I loved it. It was a blast.”

The couple actually got even more attention than they bargained for — they were featured not once, but twice, on the big screen above the court when the “Kiss Cam” promotion took place. Their presence on the video screen drew some of the biggest roars of the night.

“We weren’t embarrassed by that,” Eric said. “We’d just never been on the video screen like that before. It’s something to remember.”

While Eric has been an avid Jayhawks fan since he was a child, Faith only recently started getting interested in sports.

And actually, the two have Eric’s brother (again) to thank for meeting two years ago. Eric’s brother is a friend of Faith’s and thought Eric would be a good match for her.

Faith is a San Diego native and attended MidAmerica Nazarene College in Olathe, Kan.

Oh, and the couple does plan to actually take a real honeymoon next week — a cruise to Baja California.

“So, I guess I’ll miss a few Kansas tournament games,” Eric said. “I wonder if we can get the games on the TVs on the cruise?”

Better not push it.