Chiefs’ ‘Ring Lady’ finds a buyer

KANSAS CITY, Mo. — A very big trade involving the Kansas City Chiefs is finally official:
The Chiefs’ “Ring Lady” has found a buyer.
Remember the Chiefs fan — reportedly a woman from Overland Park, Kan. — who became a bit of an Internet sensation when she went to Craigslist on Nov. 8 to offer up a wedding ring in exchange for Chiefs tickets?
She e-mailed Thursday afternoon to say she’s reached a deal.
“It’s official!” wrote the famous seller, who has chosen to remain anonymous. “I have tickets to the game!!!”
The fan said she met with a potential Chiefs ticket-seller at a jewelry store recently “so they could verify the ring was real and matched the appraisal I had provided him.”
According to her original listing — which has since been deleted — the ring features a round, brilliant-cut diamond at .45 carats, set in a white gold setting that includes smaller diamonds weighing .50 carats. A matching wedding band features 10 more small diamonds at .50 carats. Total value, according to an appraisal: $3,100.
At any rate, here’s what went down: A guy got a ring. Our Ring Lady got four tickets to Chiefs-Broncos at Arrowhead Stadium on Dec. 1 and two tickets to Chiefs-Chargers at Arrowhead on Nov. 24.
Passion for the Chiefs generally burns hot and fast, but emotions have hit a fever pitch this fall, as Kansas City is 9-0 and the last unbeaten team in the NFL. The Chiefs visit the rival Denver Broncos (8-1) this weekend.
The tickets are a gift for the 40th birthday of the Ring Lady’s husband, as he “mentioned that the (Broncos) game (in Kansas City) was going to be the best game of the year,” she explained.
Plus, the actual back story is a little more complicated than the headline of “Chiefs fan willing to trade diamond wedding ring for Broncos tickets.”
For starters, the ring is from a previous marriage — not her current one.
“The ring holds no value to me,” the Ring Lady told “And is a lot easier to part with over tickets than handing that much cash over for the tickets.
“I tried to purchase tickets to the game about a month ago. I hit Craigslist and had someone accept my offer of $500 for two tickets. After a number of attempts to schedule a meeting, he finally responded to me (a week later) that he had sold them to someone else. By then tickets were then selling for $400 each.
“We don’t have that sort of money so my only option was to barter a wedding ring (from a previous marriage).”
So here we are. And, hey, as a bonus, this unusual little Chiefs trade figures to have a happy ending — on two fronts.
“I was told he planned to propose to his girlfriend this Sunday with the ring!” the Ring Lady wrote.
Which means somewhere out there, a Chiefs fan — or somebody who loves a Chiefs fan — is about to get the most memorable weekend of their life, regardless of how Sunday in Denver shakes out. Ain’t love grand?
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