An unsettling pattern: Chiefs become Chargers who then own the Chiefs

New Charger Brandon Flowers says he's looking forward to playing the Chiefs -- which, if recent history is any indication, could be a problem for the guys in red.

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. — There is no such thing as a truly evil ex-Chief, unless that ex-Chief is a Charger — in which case, all bets are freaking off.

Defensive tackle Alfonso Boone: Cut by Kansas City in September 2009. Signed by the Chargers later that month. Record vs. the Chiefs after that: 2-1.

Running back Le’Ron McClain: Allowed contract to lapse by Kansas City in 2012. Signed by San Diego later that year. Record vs. the Chiefs after that: 4-0.

Tight end/fullback Kris Wilson: Allowed contract to lapse by Kansas City in 2008. Signed by the Chargers in September of that year. Record vs. the Chiefs after that: 5-1.


We mention this for two reasons:

One, former Pro Bowl cornerback Brandon Flowers, whacked two Fridays ago from The Andy Gang, signed this week with … the Chargers.

Two, Flowers indicated to the NFL Network — and just about everybody else on his SoCal media tour — that one of the main reasons he hooked on with the Bolts was a chance to play his old team twice a year.

"The timing that they did it, it kind of hit me," Flowers told "NFL Total Access." "So that’s why I stayed in the division. I want to play the Chiefs again, let them know how I feel about it."

Because like they always say: Revenge is a dish best served with fish tacos.

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It’s interesting. The Raiders are old-money hate. The Broncos are the new-money baddie, a baton passed from Elway to Manning. But it’s that third AFL/AFC West brother-in-arms, the Chargers, who’ve really had the Fighting Hunts by the privates, the ones who’ve had the most success against the Chiefs over the last decade.

Bolt City’s finest are 15-5 against the Local 22 since November 2004, including a whopping 9-1 on the coast. The Broncos are 13-7 versus Kansas City over that stretch; the Raiders, just 8-12.

Now let’s be real here: Drew Brees and Philip Rivers have a hell of a lot more to do with that record than any pipeline, real or imagined, from Liberty to La Jolla.

Also, the Chiefs have spent the last 10 years yo-yoing from salty to toothless: Since 2004, four times, they’ve notched nine wins or more; four times, four wins or fewer. Three times, playoffs. Twice, 2-14. Outhouse, penthouse, outhouse, penthouse.

Leave the Chiefs, move to San Diego, own the Chiefs. Coincidence, right? Has to be.

"That definitely played into the decision," Flowers told San Diego’s XTRA 1360 AM. "Just the way I play the game … I just always felt like it would be fun. Just going back to play some of the fellas, some of the coaches, it will definitely be fun.

"But I respect everybody in that program. They run a great program there. (They’ve got) great fans over there in Kansas City. Just for personal reasons, I think it would be fun to line up across from those guys."

Yeah, well, the Chiefs on Thursday signed Brandon Jones, the cornerback the Chargers waived to make room for Flowers.

Take that, Sea World!

Linebacker Demorrio Williams: Cut by Kansas City in March 2012. Signed by the Chargers a few days later. Record vs. the Chiefs after that: 2-0.

OK, so maybe the only good ex-Chief is a non-Charger ex-Chief. Unless it’s Donnie Edwards, but let’s not go there.

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