Ol blue eyes’ ‘New York, New York’ back at Belmont

Sinatra is ”king of the hill” again at the Belmont Stakes.

The New York Racing Association is returning to Frank Sinatra’s

classic version of ”New York, New York” when the horses step onto

the track for next Saturday’s $1 million race at Belmont Park.

The decision was announced Friday, a year after NYRA replaced

Sinatra’s tune with the Jay-Z/Alicia Keys rendition of ”Empire

State of Mind.”

No reason was given for the return to ”New York, New York,”

which had greeted the post parade of horses from 1997-2009. At the

time of the change last year, NYRA marketing director Neema Ghazi

said ”Empire State of Mind” was a ”quintessential 21st century

theme song for New York City.”

”Sidewalks of New York” was performed before the Belmont

Stakes until Sinatra took charge in ’97.

NYRA issued a news release to trumpet the return of ol’ blue

eyes’ voice to the Belmont.

Composed by John Kander, with lyrics by Fred Ebb, ”New York,

New York” is the theme song from the 1977 Martin Scorsese film by

the same name. The song did not become a hit until Sinatra

performed it at a 1978 concert. He later recorded it on an


The Belmont is expected to feature Kentucky Derby winner Animal

Kingdom and Preakness winner Shackleford. And just before post time

at 6:35 p.m., Sinatra’s voice will be back on ”top of the


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