Sarah Jane Smith shoots 5 under on Day 2 to take commanding lead in US Women’s Open

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Sarah Jane Smith's 5 birdies on the back 9 helped her take a commanding lead after Day 2.

ANNOUNCER 1: --Sergio.


ANNOUNCER 1: Beautiful.

ANNOUNCER 2: Rotating, straightening the lead leg. Look at her post-up on that lead side--

ANNOUNCER 3: --Friday. This is for a birdie at her seventh hole, the 16th.


Now the 18th, her ninth hole.


ANNOUNCER 4: Another beautiful pinpoint iron on a hole location that's back right today. She said she likes those right pins, so she can hit a little fade in there.

ANNOUNCER 3: This was to get to 10 under par and a 5-shot lead at the time that she made the turn.

From just off the green. When it's going good, it's just going good.

ANNOUNCER 4: --for the week.

ANNOUNCER 3: Well, she had a 3-putt bogey at the eighth. This her final hole today. This to avoid back to back 3 putts, and just curls that one in the right side.

ANNOUNCER 4: It counts. It counts as a 2-putt.