Sarah Jane Smith talks with Holly Sonders after retaking the lead with a strong second round

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Sarah Jane Smith sits down with Holly Sonders to discuss her solid second round, which puts her on top of the leaderboard.

SHANE BACON: Impressive start and she's down with our Holly Sonders.

- Yeah. Thanks, Shane. We've been sitting here watching the broadcast since the beginning. She heard everything you guys had to say about her, also laughing at my head shot. You thought it was funny?

- Just blended in very nicely.

- My different shirt. All right. Nothing to laugh about here. Sarah, you're 10 under par. You have the lead right now. There's potential weather in the area and we'll get to that in just a minute. But just take me back to the beginning here. What were your expectations for the week when you stood on that first day yesterday? Are you surprising yourself?

- A little. I mean, I feel like maybe if this had happened at the end of last year, maybe I wouldn't have been as surprised. But the last month and a bit's been a bit of a tough time on the golf course so to see it turning around's really nice, but a little surprising.

- What is it about this golf course that suits your game so well? Specifically the back nine.

- Yeah. I mean, I love to hit a fade so it really sets up nice off the tee for me. Most of the golf course, but specifically the back nine. And then today there was a few pins tucked on the right side, which I like to see. It's good for me.

- And considering the potential weather in the area, how much of an advantage was it to get out early today?

- I think it was great. I mean, there was a little dew early on too, which I think made it a little softer. And then temperatures were lower and we had not very much wind out there, so I think we definitely got the good side of the draw there.

- And just talk to me a little bit about Karrie Webb. She served as a mentor to you for many, many years. Has she spoken to you? What has she told you about having a lead potentially going into the weekend?

- Yeah. She's been great, I mean, just from the very beginning. She's looked after all the Australians and gone out of her way to do so, but she's been great. She sent me a lot of messages this year just telling me that I've got to start believing in myself and that I have what it takes to do it. I just got to figure it out, start trusting myself a little bit more. But she's the first one to text me. She was the first message I got yesterday when I came off the golf course. She's been great.

It's kind of a weird thing now to call her a friend. You idolize her for so long and now she's generally a friend, and I love hanging out with her. We stay with her a couple of times a year. It's kind of a sort of-- every now and again it's like a pinch me thing. There's like before Karrie and after Karrie.

- And speaking of friends, Pernilla Lindberg won for the first time on the LPGA Tour earlier this year at the ANA Inspiration. You made sure that you hung around and you were there to greet her and support her when she came off the green. What did you learn from that as you head into the weekend here?

- I mean, P's such a hard worker. She's at least one of the hardest workers out here. And I think just seeing that if you work hard at it, it can pay off. So I think it just made me put in a little extra work, and just try and follow in her footsteps like that.

- And also, you have a wager with Danielle Kang, I understand, that you need to make good on.

- Yeah. If you see me pop up with some crazy hair color in the next few months, it's all her fault.

- If you win this weekend though, I think that that trumps everything.

- I feel like that balances it out, right?

- They had a wager that whoever won the next tournament would dye their hair the choice of--

- The choice of the-- the winner got to choose the color. We made the bet and three weeks later she won KPMG so she's been hounding me. She told me this week, actually, she's just going to go buy the color. She's not even going to wait for me to pick it.

- Well, she needs to wait to see what comes on Sunday.

- Yeah. I don't know if she's--

- Might need to hold off on that.

- --that nice.

- Thanks Sarah. Keep it rolling.

- Thank you.

- All right. Shane, back to you.