Watch team USA’s early split in Day 2 of the 46th Walker Cup

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Check out all the best action from the early split in Day 2 of the 46th Walker Cup at Los Angeles Country Club.

ANNOUNCER 1: As an architect, and I know it's hard to keep those conditions. But the staff here has done an amazing job.

ANNOUNCER 2: Bob MacIntyre from Scotland.

ANNOUNCER 1: He played great golf yesterday in beating Cameron Champ. Six and four, which is quite an achievement,

ANNOUNCER 2: This for three. Oh, beautiful putt. Taking on the young pairing of Matthew Jordan and Bob MacIntyre. Oh, nice. And you saw that Andrew Ingram is the acting captain. Well, the captain of team GBM.

ANNOUNCER 3: Good operating. And the whole thing here is controlling your spin.

ANNOUNCER 1: This ball has to fly past the hole, and it's going to jerk back. Man, this is beautiful. Boy, these fellows can really play this game. Hard to legislate for that much spin, but that was nicely done. And that's a beautiful shot by Jack Davidson. Well, Cameron Champ, you're going to have to hold a bunker shot to have this hole. This is for par. Most likely to have the hole. Oh, and he makes it. That's a good up and down for this pair.

ANNOUNCER 2: With a birdie. Which he does. He's been playing some really solid golf these past two days. Pairing's fourth shot here on the par five.

ANNOUNCER 1: Well, that had great sound but-- oh, wow. What a shot that was. I don't even know if that ball was going to stay on the green as much as that green slopes away.

ANNOUNCER 4: Pretty scratchy play from the GBI team right now.

ANNOUNCER 1: Guys are looking really, really good. He's got it! He's got it.


ANNOUNCER 1: But what saved the scratchy play? Good putting.

ANNOUNCER 2: Might be two more holes from now.

ANNOUNCER 1: Thornbury makes the par there, but a disappointing three for these guys to remain two down.

ANNOUNCER 2: It is for a birdie from long range. He's been playing really wonderful golf in this Walker Cup this year. And confidence exiting from McNealy, the Stanford grad. Well, we saw McNealy's magnificent putt. This now for a half. Matthew Jordan. That's a confidence booster, but they are three down.

ANNOUNCER 1: That should do it. A full point for the American team here in the first match out.

ANNOUNCER 2: So the American pairing maintain their 100% foursomes record. Very impressive.

ANNOUNCER 4: Frightfully away. That sounded right. That sounded good. That's as much spin as we've seen any player out of a bunker.

ANNOUNCER 2: That was--

ANNOUNCER 4: Nothing more important than this right here. And that's the way to do it. Now get to go play that short and beautiful 15 pole.


ANNOUNCER 2: Sporting contest, but another victory goes on the board. Another point for Team USA, up to 11 now, versus Great Britain and Ireland's five points.