Laura Davies talks with Holly Sonders after winning U.S. Senior Women’s Open

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Laura Davies shares her thoughts after winning the first ever U.S. Senior Women's Open.

HOLLY SONDERS: How much fun did you have this week?

LAURA DAVIES: I had great fun this week. Today wasn't so much. A big lead, didn't sleep very well last night, luckily got off to a good start. But everything that's happened for all of us, all the players, the way Chicago Golf Club's welcomed us. The USGA have put on a spectacular event. I mean it really is, the galleries that have come out, just sensational really, to see a bunch of old birds play golf. So that was really nice of them.

HOLLY SONDERS: You all have got some game. Julia Engstrom, you played alongside her today, against her today. It had to bring back some amazing memories, didn't it?

LAURA DAVIES: Absolutely. Yeah. She's such a competitor. And she started throwing those birdies at me around the turn. And that's when I hit a few really, a little bit ropey shots, got away with them, had a couple of good two puts. But she-- she never lets go. She's always there. She's-- she's one of the best competitors in all of sport, let alone women's golf.

HOLLY SONDERS: You mentioned Chicago Golf Club was a tremendous host this week. How much fun, and what kind of a treat was it to play this course?

LAURA DAVIES: Well, you've used the right word. It was a treat. I mean, not everyone gets to play here. So we feel privileged for that. But the condition-- I'm assuming the condition is always like this-- but it's been spectacular. The greens were like carpets. You didn't need to be in the long rough, though. That was a little bit tricky. It was in there a few times. But overall, I mean the-- the way they welcomed us, like I said earlier, is just incredible.

HOLLY SONDERS: A wonderful week, Laura, for you and all the other women who've paved the way in women's golf, at this inaugural championship. Thank you, and congratulations.

LAURA DAVIES: Thank you very much.