John Elway joins Joe Buck and Paul Azinger at the U.S. Senior Open

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Honorary Chairman John Elway joins Joe Buck and Paul Azinger at the U.S. Senior Open on Saturday.

ANNOUNCER: Let's send it over to Joe Buck.

JOE BUCK: All right, guys. Well, we are here with the Honorary Chairman. Is that right? Am I-- is my information correct? John Elway, who joins us here in the booth with Paul Azinger. That's right.

JOHN ELWAY: That is right, yeah.

JOE BUCK: And you tried to qualify for an event where you're the Honorary Chairman. Is that even in the rules of golf? Is that OK?

JOHN ELWAY: I don't know. But it got me in. So that was a good thing.

JOE BUCK: So tell us how hard this is. I mean, you know, my buddy John Smoltz just found out how hard this place is over the first two rounds. And you tried to qualify out here at the Broadmoor.

JOHN ELWAY: I did. It was tough. I will tell you this. If I had to play golf in those conditions every day, I probably wouldn't play golf. That's how hard it is. And that's why you look at what these guys are doing and how impressive-- impressive it is, and the way that they play. So it is fun to watch them play.

PAUL AZINGER: You know that they-- they can pick a place apart, kind of like you did with that big cannon of a right arm of yours. You know, you watch those guys moving all over the field. And you're just picking it apart. And that's what they're doing. They put it in play. They play it off the bank. It's great to watch. And you're right. It's hard.

JOHN ELWAY: It is hard. And that rough is really hard. And I thought that, you know, there was a couple of times I was a yard out. I wish I would have missed it by 10 yards, rather than a yard out. But my goal was to break 80. I did not break 80. I shot 80. So-- but it was a thrill for me to play in that situation.