Dustin Johnson reflects on his first round at Shinnecock Hills

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Dustin Johnson talks after his first round at the 2018 U.S. Open. Johnson sits at at -1 going into Friday's action at Shinnecock Hills.

- Well, there are four men tied at the top on one under. And two of those scores were posted this afternoon. You were the second after Russell Henley. What did you do out there this afternoon that kind of made it all happen for you?

- I kind of did a little bit of everything. Well, I really chipped in putted well, I felt like, when I was out of position. You know, that was probably the biggest thing. But you know, I had a lot of really good shots, hit a lot of fairways, and had a lot of birdie putts.

- So you teed off at lunchtime. Did you watch the early morning play? Because you know, there was a couple of former champions in the likes of Jordan Spieth, Rory McIlroy, Phil Mickelson, who has played more than most. He knows what it takes to try and win a US open. But they struggled. Did you see any of those struggles?

- I did. I definitely watched a little bit this morning. You know, I knew-- looking at the forecast yesterday afternoon and even this morning-- I knew it was going to play difficult. But you know, when you're at a US open you want to play tough. Maybe not quite this tough. But it was a day where you had to play good golf if you wanted to shoot a good score.

- We've known each other since '07. The Walker Cup, Royal County Down. You, Rory McIlroy, and a few others. There was a lot of good players there. But you were the one that people, you know, reckon was going to be a big deliverer on your talent. You have done that. You've got a major, you've got all these World Golf Championships. But what else fuels you? What more do you want out of your career?

- Just to continue to play well, and continue to win. I mean for me, that's the most important thing. And you know, keep putting myself in positions to have a chance to win. And you know, days like today, I love going out there and playing in these conditions. You've got to hit all kinds of different golf shots. You know, and it takes a lot of skill to go out and shoot a good score in these conditions.

- You have said, that it is tough. The game is tough. Although you make it look very easy, Dustin. You're off early tomorrow. So what's the plan tonight? And how early would you normally get up for that kind of early morning round?

- When I get out of here, I might just go home and eat and rest. And then yeah, I'll be up. I think I'm at 8:02, so I'll get up at 5:00 and you know, start my routine.

REPORTER: OK, the very best of luck. Great round today.