Shane Bacon and Brad Faxon think Tiger Woods has a good chance of contending at the US Open

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Brad Faxon and Shane Bacon join Holly Sonders to discuss the chances that Tiger Woods can win the 2018 US Open at Shinnecock Hills.

We talk about those names who will not be in the field. There's one name that is drawing a little bit of attention who is in the field for certain, Tiger Woods.

- Well this golf course with these fairways, they're a little bit wider. Tiger Woods is in the top 10 in three huge stroke gains categories. He's played great at some big time golf events this year on some tough golf courses. I think of all the venues we see the US Open go to, this is one I think he's really going to have a chance to compete in. Because I think he doesn't have that driver all day long.

- Well there's no question. That's why he played so at Memorial. He doesn't have to hit too many drivers. He slammed the field strokes gained off the tee and into the greens, like he did when he was dominating. Question marks going to be, can he get his putter turned around in the next couple of weeks? He needs to on these greens.

- It was a little ice cold at the Memorial, the putter was.

- A little ice cold? 71 out of 72, that's freezing cold.

- What else is crazy about this week for Tiger Woods is, say some stuff don't happen over the next four or five six months, this is the last US Open he's exempt for going back to 2008. That is crazy to think with Tiger Woods.

- It's unthinkable. And I would promise you, if the USGA doesn't give him an exemption, that will be the most press they ever get for anything. But I'm not worried about Tiger Woods. His game is on the comeback. And every part of his game seems to be working except that putter. So hopefully he'll get out there. And get those lines back.

He had his sight line, start lines. That's what he's been talking about.

- It seems like it's not will he win now. It's when is he going to win. And I feel like next week he has a really good chance when he's in contention.

- Well he's healthy. He's hitting the ball far. All the guys that he's playing with are going, boy, Tiger's really hit it far. And maybe that's a problem sometimes, controlling that distance. But if he can get a lot of three woods at Shinnecock, I think he's going to keep it in play.