U.S. Open Hole 3 preview — Chambers Bay, 18 holes in 18 days

In the 18 days leading up to the June 18 start of the U.S. Open Golf Championship, FOX Sports.com and Golfweek will preview the Chambers Bay course — one hole at a time.

Today’s hole: No. 3, 163-198 yards

In links-style golf, it’s easy to hit the greens but hard to hold them. Case in point, this familiar hole plays downwind to a Redan green that’s high on the front right and low on the back left. A very deep, diagonally flanking bunker protects the left side of the green. Some players at the U.S. Open will struggle to adjust to playing for ricochets and rollouts – don’t expect those players to be around for the weekend. 

Success at Chambers Bay is all about judging what happens when the ball hits the ground. On this hole, shots will have a tendency to move away from the hole and to the left. Expect the majority of players to hit it long on this par 3 then try to navigate a way back to the hole. 

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