Woods’ wife buys island home in Sweden

Tiger Woods’ wife bought a six-bedroom house on a small island

near Stockholm that is reachable only by boat.

Stenake Johansson, chairman of the Residential Association on

Faglaro island, told the Associated Press on Saturday that Elin

Nordegren became the owner on Dec. 1.

“Elin Nordegren has bought it, but I don’t know how much Tiger

has signed on to those papers,” said Johansson, adding that his

organization is still awaiting all the paperwork.

Johansson could not confirm the house’s reported price of $2.2

million and said he didn’t know whether Nordegren and Woods planned

to move in.

Woods announced Friday he is taking an indefinite break from

golf in an attempt to save his marriage following two weeks of

allegations of extramarital affairs.

There have been unconfirmed reports the couple may be headed to

Sweden to escape the worst of the media frenzy. Nordegren’s father,

radio talk show host Thomas Nordegren, said Saturday he doesn’t

know if that’s true.

“I have no comment to this. I don’t know anything, either,” he


Faglaro is one of the thousands of islands that make up the

Stockholm archipelago. The quickest route there is a 45-minute

ferry from Vaxholm – considered the main municipality of the

archipelago – where Nordegren grew up.

The island has about 140 properties, mostly summer homes. Only

two are used all year, Johansson said.

“But the Faglaro mansion used to be an old farm. It is solid

and big and can be used throughout the year,” Johansson said.

Nordegren’s property is among the biggest on the island.

Johansson said negotiations most likely started shortly after the

house was put on the market in August – well before Woods’ car

crash last month at his Florida home touched off the scandal.

Woods and his wife have been married for five years and have a

2-year-old daughter and a 10-month-old son.

Since turning professional in 1996, Woods has dominated the

sport by winning 14 majors and 82 tournaments worldwide.