Furious kangaroo chases golfers on golf course

One particular kangaroo felt like a group of golfers infringed on his or her territory, which, apparently, was a golf course in Australia. So, the kangaroo acted accordingly.

By that, we mean the kangaroo made his or her way toward the golfers, and then took off bounding at them, full speed. One of the golfers watched the kangaroo from afar, and later had an “Oh ****” moment when he realized that the angry animal was headed right toward them.

The golfers then got in a golf cart and probably figured they were OK as they sped off. Nope! The kangaroo continued to chase them across the golf course in kind of a scary moment.

Warning: Language in the video is NSFW (obviously — they’re being chased by an angry kangaroo).


[For The Win]

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