Transgender golfer suing LPGA

Transgender golfer Lana Lawless is suing the Ladies



Association for denying her


Lawless, 57, a post-operative transsexual considered to be a

woman by her home state of California, filed suit in U.S. District

Court in San Francisco against the LPGA this week to contest the

organization’s requirement that a player be “female at birth,” ABC

reported Thursday.

Lawless is also suing the Long Drivers of America, which

recently changed its policy to reflect the LPGA’s “female at birth”

rule. Lawless won the LDA’s women’s long drive championship in

2008, when no such rule was in place. She has been disqualified

from future competition and is unable to enjoy the full benefits of

her 2008 win, her lawsuit alleges.

“I’m not physically as strong as I used to be,” said Lawless, a

retired police officer. “I’m well under the top end of testosterone

levels for genetically born females.”

“We haven’t been formally served with the lawsuit so we can’t

comment at this time,” LPGA spokesman Mike Scanlan said. “Our

policy is what it is currently, and beyond that we don’t have much

to say.”