In Sweden, business as usual for Tiger’s in-laws

Thomas Nordegren’s popular Swedish radio talk show on Wednesday

included the usual discussion of current events, anecdotes from his

time as a foreign correspondent and an interview with former ABBA

member Benny Andersson.

Absent, as usual, was any mention of his famous daughter and

son-in-law – Elin Nordegren and Tiger Woods.

While both of Nordegren’s parents are celebrities in their own

right in Sweden, they have managed to maintain a “business as

usual” approach without facing anything like the horde of

journalists and paparazzi scampering to get the latest details

about Woods or his wife back in Florida.

Elin’s mother Barbro Holmberg – a well-known Swedish politician

and former migration minister – did get thrown into the media

spotlight when she was rushed to the hospital from Woods’ house

outside Orlando this month.

However, when she returned to work this week as county governor

of Gavleborg in central Sweden, the focus was not on Woods but

about handling a crisis involving the closing of an LM Ericsson

plant in her region.

Both Holmberg and Thomas Nordegren have repeatedly refused to

comment on their daughter’s marriage ordeal, and it’s a position

most local media are politely respecting.

Holmberg did find a Swedish tabloid journalist waiting outside

her house when she went back to work this week, but simply gave her

standard answer – “I don’t talk to media about my private life” –

before heading off to a meeting about the laid-off plant


Thomas Nordegren has, as expected, been asked by his listeners

to comment on Woods’ admitted infidelity, and briefly addressed the

requests last week.

“I do, of course, have an opinion about both the Internet

gossip and media’s treatment,” he said. “But now I view it as my

biggest task to support my daughter and my grandchildren. So to

bring that up in my own program would be inappropriate, and not in

line with the programming rules. So enough about this.”

While his show usually focuses on current events and interviews

with other journalists and artists, he has been true to his word –

ignoring the Woods saga since then.

In Wednesday’s show, Nordegren discussed issues ranging from

Swedes’ view on adopting the Euro currency to Italian Premier

Silvio Berlusconi and ABBA’s induction into the Rock and Roll Hall

of Fame.

Nordegren used his normal relaxed style in teasing Andersson

about the pop band’s credentials – “How much ‘rock’ is ABBA,

really?” – but did seem hesitant to go into more gossipy


When another guest brought up the other celebrity marriage that

has captivated Swedish tabloids lately – singer Paul Anka’s Swedish

wife Anna was forced to deny this week that the couple is getting a

divorce – Nordegren was quick to change the subject.

“Let’s move on,” he said.

When it comes to Elin Nordegren’s family, at least, Sweden seems

willing to do the same.