Mag says Tiger came clean to Vonn

There’s no word on whether Lindsey Vonn told her new beau, Tiger Woods, that she totally ripped him a new one in 2010 when he publicly confessed to cheating on his wife and lying to his fans.

But US Weekly reports that Woods himself has come clean about his past, and the two are getting along just fine.

The pair very publicly announced Monday that they are dating (and asked for privacy in the same breath), and what was once just speculation about the world’s greatest golfer and skier soon became an open invitation to dig into their past. On Tuesday, news arose that Vonn had been less than complimentary to Woods in 2010 after he talked about his scandal, mocking him in front of her friends.

While US Weekly had no news on whether Vonn and Woods have discussed that, it did cite a source who said Woods has shared the details of his side of the massive scandal.

“He confessed everything in his past to her and stuff — they’re really into each other,” US Weekly reports the source as saying.

Good luck on that private relationship, you two.