The Vertical Groove Driver That Could Change Golf Equipment Forever

Drivers have looked much the same for a long time, but the launch of the Vertical Groove Driver could be set to revolutionize the equipment game.

Revolutionary is not a word to use lightly, but in the case of the Vertical Groove Driver, it may be an understatement. The clubface grooves go up and down instead of sideways. Vertical.

The developers of the club believe it’s a better, and straighter, way to play golf. They call it simply, The Groove.

The idea for vertical grooves came from Tony Antonius who holds more than 100 patents for golf-related items. Perhaps his biggest claim to fame is the addition of Velcro to golf gloves, but there are many others.

Antonius died before the vertical groove driver was readied for market, but the Vertical Groove Golf group has continued Antonius’ work.

According to the company, the design reduces sidespin as much as 40%.  That means it should lessen the tendency of a golfer’s ball flight to go right or left.

“The performance attributes of the vertical groove driver will benefit all golfers, including low handicappers and golfers that have a tendency to hook or slice off the tee,” said Rubin Hanan, Chief Business Officer, Vertical Groove Golf, LLC.  “Vertical groove technology on the club face reduces side spin at impact, while generating more forward spin, resulting in better accuracy and increased distance off the tee.”

“We’ve tested golf’s only vertical groove driver with Tour players, PGA Professionals, amateurs and junior golfers, and the results have been tremendous,” said Jeff Barry, CEO, Vertical Groove Golf, LLC.

Mike Schultz, PGA Professional of the Year in 2012, says it works.

“The vertical groove driver is as long or longer than any other driver I have ever used and is noticeably straighter because I hit more fairways.”

Josh Miller, who played 13 years in the NFL with the New England Patriots and Pittsburgh Steelers, including a victory in Super Bowl XXXIX with the Patriots, is a managing partner of the company. Eric Fineberg, a golf industry veteran, heads up Sales and Demo Days and is also a managing partner. Golf equipment designer, Mike Rossi, leads the R&D department. Three-time MLB All-Star Mark Melancon is also a fan.

The Groove conforms to USGA specifications. The 450cc titanium club head is offered in 9.5,10.5 and 12 degree lofts, and is available in Aldila premium grade, NV2K series, 45.75-inch shafts as standard. Fujikura, Mitsubishi and other Aldila shafts will also be available at a later date.

The available shaft flexes include: 45 gram L (Ladies), 50 gram A (Senior), 55 gram R (Regular), 65 gram S (Stiff) and 65 gram X (Extra-stiff). It comes with Golf Pride Tour Velvet grips in standard, midsize and oversize models. There are left-handed and right-handed versions available.

Suggested retail price of the Vertical Groove Driver is $399.99, and the product will be available during the month of December 2016. Currently, they are selling the product on-line at

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