A full meal at the Masters is cheaper than a bottle of water at the Super Bowl

Although tickets for the Masters can be pretty pricey, the cost of food once inside the gates is very reasonable. If a fan wanted to order one of every single item on the menu at Augusta National, it would only cost $48. It’s possible to buy a full breakfast complete with coffee, a breakfast sandwich and a side of fruit for $5 total. That’s cheaper than many of the drinks at Starbucks.

But just how cheap is a meal at the Masters compared to concessions at other sporting events? Let’s just say Augusta is in a league of its own.

A bottle of water at Super Bowl 50 cost fans a cool $7. For that price, fans at the Masters could get three bottles of water and a bag of chips. Someone could even order every single item on the Masters’ breakfast menu for a total of just $0.50 more than a water bottle at the Super Bowl.

A premium draft beer at the Super Bowl cost $15.00, a dollar more than every beverage (domestic and imported beers included) combined on Augusta’s menu.

A modest meal of a hot dog and a soft drink at Super Bowl 50 cost $18.00. That same amount of money could get a fan the Masters’ three most expensive sandwiches ($3 each), two domestic beers ($4 each) and a bag of peanuts ($1).

According to Business Insider, the Jaguars boasted the lowest fan cost index of any NFL team for the 2015 season, but it still cost a pretty penny to eat a meal at a game. A small beer ($6), soda ($5) and hot dog ($5) set a fan back $16. For that price, a fan at Augusta could buy two of every item on the breakfast menu and still have $1 left over. A beer, soft drink and sandwich at the Masters would cost a fan $9.50 at most.

The defending World Series champions have some good food on the menu at Kauffmann stadium, but the prices are tough to swallow. A bottle of Aquafina water there costs $5, and a serving of nachos goes for $7. A golf fan could buy every snack on the menu at Augusta for $7 and could get two imported beers for the price of one draft beer at Kauffmann. And according to one fan on Twitter, the Royals did not even have some of their signature concessions in stock for Opening Night of the 2016 season.

New York is an expensive place to live, and Yankee Stadium is an expensive place to eat. A fan who wanted a hot dog, french fries and a beer had to fork over $20.50 in 2015. That price would net a fan every sandwich on offer at Augusta with a dollar left over to spend on candy, chips, peanuts or crackers. The Yankees do deserve a tip of the hat for offering a $6 beer, however. That’s not bad for a baseball stadium.