Anyone get the No. on that streaker?

What is it with women wanting to take their clothes off around Tiger Woods?

While many of the exploits of golf’s greatest swinger have been well-documented, he has also over the years been a favorite target of streakers, of all people. And he was on the course Sunday when the final day of the Presidents Cup morphed into an impromptu skins game.

There really isn’t much to the story that we can tell you. Sunday was the final day of the Presidents Cup at Muirfield in Dublin, Ohio. And during play, this patriotic lady, dressed in (trust us on this one) a thong and red, white & blue pasties, streaking across the 18th green. American captain Fred Couples sure got a good look. (You can, too, by clicking on the gallery to the right.)

Whether she was trying to pump up Team USA or distract the international squad, her ploy worked. The Americans won the Presidents Cup 18.5-15.5, Woods sinking the putt that clinched the victory.

And it gets better — reports from the course were that the woman managed to elude security after buzzing the fairway and may have escaped the course and evaded capture altogether.

Now truth be told, it appears this streaker did not get up close and personal with Woods, which would actually make her a rarity. Others have been far more fortunate, like this woman who got a hold of the pin on the 18th green at the 2000 British Open while Tiger was set to putt for the Claret Jug.

Our champion would not be fazed, however, two-putting once the streaker was removed for a record-setting 19-under par total (the lowest score relative to par in major history).

But that was nothing compared to a year earlier, also at the British, when this bikini-clad blonde made lip-to-cheek contact with Woods on the 18th hole at Carnoustie. This occurred at the conclusion of Round 1, also as Tiger was setting up for his final putt of the day. The outcome was far different, however, as Tiger shot an opening-round 74 en route to a 74-72-74-74—294, "good" enough for a tie for seventh.

Clearly, that 1999 encountered was all Tiger needed to hone his focus in the presence of women in various stages of undress.

So let’s all agree, once and for all . . . Tiger’s back!