‘SNL’ can’t resist Tiger Woods jokes

Tiger Woods and his marital problems proved a tempting target

for “Saturday Night Live.”

In a skit and multiple “Weekend Update” jokes this weekend,

NBC’s comedy institution took on the golfer, who has admitted to

letting his family down with “transgressions” that came to light

following a strange Thanksgiving weekend car accident outside his

Florida home.

In one skit, actor Jason Sudeikis portrayed Wolf Blitzer on

CNN’s “Situation Room” reporting on a news conference that Woods

(played by Kenan Thompson) and his wife (played by Blake Lively)

were holding outside his home. After Woods admitted to “multiple”

transgressions, his wife looked surprised and the screen quickly

shifted back to Blitzer.

“Breaking news,” Blitzer said. “Tiger Woods is back in the

hospital. Apparently just hours after a press conference where he

confessed to multiple transgressions, Woods had an accident in his

home where he fell down a flight of stairs then inadvertently threw

himself through a plate glass window.”

Woods returned for a later news conference, his wife brandishing

a golf club next to him, where he said, “Wow, I’ve been really

clumsy this week.”

He had more such “accidents,” then returns to read a prepared

statement with the words “help me” and “I’m scared” written on

the back of the papers for the audience to see.

In “Weekend Update,” anchor Seth Meyers peppered Woods with

one-liners: “Last Friday, Tiger Woods hit a tree and a bunch of

ladies fell out,” he said.

Meyers noted that Woods and his wife were in negotiations over

their prenuptial agreement, and “what’s really weird is he

presented her with one of those huge, oversized checks.”

Woods’ sponsors are sticking with him, Meyers said, “a gesture

that only means one thing – women don’t watch golf.”