McIlroy, Wozniacki split? Maybe not

The relationship between star golfer Rory McIlroy and tennis ace Caroline Wozniacki has seen its ups and downs over the last two years, with reports of break-ups and make-ups and famous sports figures weighing in on whether they should be dating at all.

Well, it might be all over now. Or maybe not … depending on which overseas newspaper you want to believe.

According to the Irish Independent, McIlroy broke up with Wozniacki ahead of his monthlong tour of Asia, leaving her "absolutely devastated." And yet a report in the Danish media seems to tell a different story, straight from Wozniacki herself.

If you believe the Irish paper’s account, it claims this tweet of McIlroy asleep with his glasses on and mouth agape from Wozniacki might have been the last straw in their relationship.

"Rory was very upset by it and even Serena Williams pointed out – albeit in a joking way – it was a pretty mean thing to do," the Independent cites a source saying.

The report says the pair broke up just days after the picture went up, but that Wozniacki still hasn’t accepted it.

"There were a lot of tears. She still has her profile picture on her social-networking site set as the two of them in happier times, but I can tell you the pair are no longer an item," a source says.

However, according to USA Today’s translation of a report in the Danish newspaper Ekstra Bladet, Wozniacki is denying there’s any trouble in paradise:

“I’m so tired of the rumors. They occur every time Rory and I are apart a few days or do not write on Twitter. There is nothing in it, and from now on I just think that I will keep my private life private. It is so annoying that the media and the so-called sources constantly spread the rumors. They write just what they want.

“[…] All is well [with the relationship], and then there’s not much more to say about it. I just want to be allowed to live my life off the court without all the speculation.”

We should point out that the very same Irish newspaper had McIlroy dumping Wozniacki in August, with the tennis star being "totally distraught" at the news.

Meanwhile, McIlroy’s legal team begins a multimillion dollar fight against his former management company today.

And Wozniacki? She’s apparently not too broken up about anything, partying with friends and hanging out with a UK pop star at the Danish version of "Dancing With the Stars."

So are they broken up? We’ll probably know soon enough. What we do know is that if they aren’t yet, somebody will say they are again in the near future.