Rory McIlroy goes lefty, saves par on a tricky shot at the Grand Slam of Golf

Rory McIlroy goes for the lefty shot on the 17th hole.

Scott Halleran/Getty Images

No one doubts Rory McIlroy’s talents on the golf course.

But it’s not often you get to see the World No. 1 golfer opting for a trick shot in a professional tournament.

On the 17th hole of the PGA Grand Slam of Golf, McIlroy was far enough off the lead that he wasn’t fighting for a title.

And he hit his tee shot just to the edge of a water hazard.

So he had two obvious options: Take a stroke penalty, or go for a wade in the water.

But instead, McIlroy pulled a Bubba Watson, if you will, and went for a left-handed shot.

Take a look.

The tricky bit of skill wound up giving him good enough placement to get par on the hole.

Don’t worry, McIlroy made sure southpaw champion Watson was watching the whole thing.