Report: Tiger back living with wife, kids

Tiger Woods’ home may finally be a happy one.

The gossip Web site TMZ reported Saturday that the lusty linksman has spent more than a week living in the same Isleworth, Fla., mansion as his wife Elin Nordegren and their two children, and that Nordegren has been seen about town looking happy.

The site said Woods, 34, has spent the last eight nights under the same roof as the woman he so publicly betrayed, and he’s been spending his days furiously practicing for his return to golf.

If true, the reports mean there may finally be some easing of tensions between Woods and Nordegren since his sex scandal first threatened their marriage. Late last month, it was reported that Nordegren refused to pose for a family portrait with her husband the night before the star golfer made his public apology.

"Absolutely no way," Nordegren, 30, reportedly replied when asked to pose with her husband.

Woods is expected to play in the Masters, but there have been rumors that he may make a return to golf before then.

As The New York Post reported this week, Woods had enlisted the help of former presidential press secretary Ari Fleischer to plot a strategy for his return and how he handles himself before the press.