Realitee Golf brings a unique concept to practice areas

There may be a new, exciting way to enjoy the sport of golf. Could Realitee Golf reach the heights that places like TopGolf have and change the way we view golf practice facilities?

One of the great things about golf is the rich amount of variety that it provides. This is proven with the whopping amount of golf courses and driving ranges scattered across the earth.

Now, there is a new innovative place where golfers can work on their game, and do so in a remarkable setting. It’s called Realitee Golf, and it will be an indoor practice facility where golfers can work on their short game.

Not only that, Realitee will also feature many simulators, where everyone can work on those full shots as well. The location will have a beautiful round shaped design which add to its majestic charm.

A lounge area will be there as well after you’re done banging at some balls. The overall setup of the location will have the large short game area tucked behind the simulators.

The cool, somewhat hidden area, is a massive putting green featuring bunkers and a large, stunning wallpaper of a golf course. Realitee Golf also will have “an 18-hole golf course that you can play in two hours or less”, more than likely, referring to the simulators.

A huge purpose of this new way to enjoy golf, is to keep people from leaving the sport. The variety that Realitee Golf will feature, while also having a good time, will surely get people coming back.

Look no further than to the juggernaut that has become TopGolf. Every week, golfers and non-golfers alike, bombard the place, to the point where people have to wait before getting a bucket of balls.

TopGolf is a wonderful place, in a fun, exciting environment. Playing under the lights, with music playing in the background is always a blast.

So, Realitee Golf seems like they want to bring that same great joy. Similar to TopGolf, Realitee will have food, music, mixers, etc to add some excitement to those practice sessions.

Not only is the idea great, but they have some major partners that are helping them with the project. These include legendary golf course designer, Robert Trent Jones II and Tru Golf, the highly regarded simulator company.

Having RTJ II involved with your design should be a heavy seller right away. To have the same design firm that created CordeValle and Chambers Bay by your side is pretty remarkable.

Tru Golf is known as arguably the most popular simulator out there. It can be made in different sizes and are great for homes and public locations, making it a go-to simulator and a great choice for Realitee Golf.

Then, there’s the cool smartwatch app where you can book your (virtual) tee time, and even marked if you finished a hole or not. You can also submit your scores and even check in live on your progress, as you can save rounds for later.

Overall, the concept and vision for Realitee Golf is awesome. If it ever becomes real (which I feel confident that it will be), it can be a major hotspot for golfers.

If it’s going to be in only one location, it will give lovers of the game, an excuse to vacation in that State. It’s a convenient experience, and can be played anytime, while featuring a unique design.

This is why Realitee could become a real success once it opens its doors.

So, what are your thoughts on Realitee Golf? How does this standout among other golf practice facilities of similarity? Leave your thoughts in the comments section or you can let me know on Twitter @ChiGolfRadio

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