Read the swing tip Tom Brady gave Phil Mickelson

You might think that the advice-giving would be the other way around, but ahead of the Dean and DeLuca Invitational, Phil Mickelson shared a swing tip that he’d gotten from Patriots quarterback Tom Brady. “Overload, underload. It’s about how to create speed, how to retrain and reprogram your governor for speed. I’ve been doing a lot of the same stuff, and he just kind of explained how he applied it to football and throwing and arm velocity,” Mickelson said, according to Golf Channel.

Overload, underload training is a technique for athletes to increase their power. Differently weighted implements are used in practice to gradually improve strength. 

“We have, Sean Cochran and myself, been doing it for a few years. I think they’ve been refined over the years. I think Tom has really refined it and applied it to other sports other than baseball and other than just throwing, to golf,” Mickelson said, of working with his trainer Cochran.

An ESPN reporter who interviewed Tom Brady recently had also mentioned that Brady was sharing tips on swing speed with Mickelson. 

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