Reactions to Woods’ ‘indefinite’ break from golf

“It will impact on every tournament Tiger plays, I believe.

Let’s hope the tabloid press finishes quickly and we get on

supporting good golf. He is suddenly, I hate to say, more normal

now. There is a mystique which has been lost now and let’s hope

that golf isn’t damaged by that, and it shouldn’t be. There was an

aura, and that wall if you like has been split slightly, so there

are cracks and I feel that it gives us more opportunity of winning

these big events now.” – European Ryder Cup captain Colin


“I’m in shock over it all. A lot of our players are in shock.

I’m not happy with the way some of our players have responded –

that’s their way of getting back because they know they can’t beat

him at golf. They always say there is no one bigger in golf than

the game itself. But Tiger is.” – Two-time major winner John


“It’s tragic. I think this whole thing is tragic. I am in touch

with his wife Elin Nordegren now and then. Me and my husband Mike

have been out dining with Elin and Tiger on a few occasions.

Perhaps it won’t happen as often now.” – Former top-ranked women’s

golfer, Annika Sorenstam.

“I don’t know anything. I have no comments to this and I don’t

know either.” – Nordegren’s father, radio talk show host Thomas

Nordegren, on speculation that the couple are on their way to


“I have always said family comes first. I think he’s made the

right decision.” – three-time major winner Ernie Els.

“Tiger’s main priority now has got to be sorting out the

problems that he has and to rebuild his life. He can take as much

time as he needs to get it right. But golf needs him back and

sooner rather than later. At the moment, with the economic downturn

and with competition for sponsors from so many other sports, golf

has to have all hands on deck and Tiger is the biggest hand there

is.” – former European Ryder Cup player Paul McGinley.

“For years to come, he will be a figure of fun to comedians

great and small. Tiger Woods will have to put up with those jokes

and japes for 20 years to come. It’s a very messy situation and I

would advise him to go and see the people that Michael Douglas, the

actor, went to see because he had addictive sex problems. He’s

obviously got a problem. We were told for years that his father

stood by the side of the green throwing pebbles in buckets of

water, shouting and blowing whistles to make him oblivious to all

these noises. Now we have to see how strong his mind is.” –

Veteran BBC golf commentator Peter Allis.

“To make a sacrifice like this, looking at how he has been

throughout his career is a big shock. He was so one-dimensional in

his quest to break golf records and to be known as the best golfer

of all time. But you have to wonder about the validity and

truthfulness of anything he says right now.” – BBC golf

commentator Jay Townsend.

“Indefinite is a scary word. If Tiger Woods indefinitely

doesn’t play golf, that’s not good for us.” – Australian golfer

Geoff Ogilvy.

“Tiger is an outstanding star. Because of his absence, perhaps

people from the US tour will turn more attention to tours here in

Asia and elsewhere.” – Japan Golf Tour Organization leader Tadashi


“What he did was totally wrong. And he’s got no one to blame

except himself. You can look at other people, but he’s the one

who’s got to look in the mirror. It’s his personal life, so that’s

up to him if he wants to get his family life in order. It’s a hard

thing to come back from.” – Australian golfer and Woods’ friend,

Craig Parry.

“Sometimes you just got to take time out to reflect on what’s

more important, and that’s family.” – Bobcats forward Stephen


“With the scrutiny his life is under it would be nigh on

impossible to turn up and concentrate on playing golf, which is

what he does best. The only way he could go was to take a break,

try and sort his life out and come back when he’s ready. He does

that well from injury and he’ll be back when he’s ready to do so.

If he takes a hit through his sponsors that will not damage him too

much. He’s a wealthy man and the least of his worries are monetary.

They are probably the last thing on his mind.” – English player

David Howell.

“Hopefully he can go on something like Oprah, maybe even with

his wife, to show that they’re making a real go of it. The clever

move would be for him to say, ‘I’m coming back when Elin tells me

the time is right.”’ – Veteran British publicist Max Clifford.

“I’m shocked. Tiger has a stoic image and we knew nothing about

his private life. Like everyone else, I’m very surprised.” –

18-year old Japanese golfer Ryo Ishikawa.

“For the sports world, it’s nothing that we want to see. Even

the golfers themselves. I mean, Tiger has made that sport, along

with others, very global and still at a young age, he’s the

greatest to do that. I don’t think anyone wants to see that and I

think everyone is a little up in arms about that, so hopefully he

gets back out there and does what we all love him for, and that’s

for his greatness.” – Miami Heat guard Dwyane Wade.