Pro Golf Daily: Golf Reported To Stay In The Olympics Until 2024 At Least

Our latest daily roundup is here as golf’s stay in the Olympics looks likely to be extended to at least 2024.

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Let’s get down to it:

Best of Pro Golf Now From 11/22/16

TIger Woods: Looking Back To His Most Recent PGA Tour Appearance (read here): Colin Mieczkowski has the details on the picturesque Welsh course that’s up for sale with a price tag of under $1 million.

Best of Golf Across The Internet From 11/22/16

Golf likely to expand its run as an Olympic sport until at least 2024 (read here): Ewan Murray of The Guardian reports that Rio 2016 won’t be a one-and-done scenario for the world’s best golfers who look likely to have a chance to compete up until 2024 at the earliest.

Report: Lydia Ko to leave Callaway for PXG (read here): After a turbulent finish to the season, world no.1 Lydia Ko is said to be considering changing her equipment for a more lucrative new deal.

Mayor Bubba Watson? Well, he’s interested. (read here): Having moved back within the limits of his hometown, Bubba Watson is talking up his hopes of becoming mayor.

Film on Dustin Johnson’s US Open win premieres on Thursday (read here): The USGA’s film on Dustin Johnson’s US Open win will debut on Thanksgiving. I wonder if it will include mention of the psychological torment they put him through while waiting on that ruling…

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