Report: Plane lands on golf course

Golfers at a South Florida course found their game took an unusual turn Saturday afternoon, as a single-engine plane was forced to make an emergency landing in front of them.

One player, Jack Russo, told WSVN-TV the pilot made a perfect landing near the seventh hole as he was about to putt for par on the eighth.

" … the plane just flew right over my head, it must have been 10 feet, and totally flustered me," said Russo. "I missed the putt."

Pilot Annette Simon, 35, who landed her aircraft on the Greynolds Park Golf Course in North Miami Beach after she heard an unusual noise and experienced engine roughness, said she checked to make sure no one was on the green as she landed.

Simon’s plane was carrying an advertisement banner, which she released before landing safely. The plane later took off again and landed at North Perry Airport.

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