Photographer pokes fun at Paulina’s racy Golf Digest cover

This is from the photoshoot that has some around the golf world up in arms.

When Paulina Gretzky appeared on this month’s cover of Golf Digest, the golf world became a glass case of emotion as opinions were shared by golfers and fans alike.

However, one photographer saw the cover as an opportunity to flex his comedic muscle — or beer gut — for the world to enjoy.

Behold! The Paulina Gretzky Pose, care of photographer Cy Cyr:

You might be asking yourself who the brave souls are in the photo mimicking Paulina’€™s golf club pose. According to, the men pictured above include everyone from a radio talk show host; a Realtor from the Orlando, Fla., area; a flight instructor; a golf instructor; neighbors of the author; and even the photographer himself.

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Golf fans are amazing.