So is Lefty trying to go righty now?

Is Lefty going righty? That seems to be the case, at least when Phil Mickelson is playing ping pong and football.

In a video posted to Instagram Wednesday night, Callaway shows the five-time major winner Mickelson goofing off between takes of a commercial shoot, and I’m not sure what’s more surprising — that he throws right-handed or that he throws such a tight spiral.

“‘Go a little farther, so I can lead ya,’” the caption reads. “Phil had us running wheel routes in between takes at today’s ad shoot.”

Weird as it looks to see Mickelson tossing a ball right-handed, that’s actually his natural tendency. The only thing he does left-handed is make millions of dollars swinging a golf club, a trait that’s more common than you’d think — being skilled with either hand, not the "making millions of dollars" part.

In a 2006 feature at, Chris McManus, a professor at the University College London, said that ambidexterity like Mickelson’s is more common than one might think.

"About a third of left-handers prefer to throw right-handed," McManus told the site. "And, curiously, about two percent of right-handers throw with their left hand."

And if you’re wondering if Mickelson could golf right-handed if he wanted to — well, it looks like he’s pretty OK at that, too: