Phelps expresses sympathy for Woods and family

Michael Phelps expressed sympathy for Tiger Woods and his family

on Thursday because of the scrutiny they are under following the

golfer’s infidelities.

Speaking ahead of the “Duel in the Pool” swim meet, Phelps

said that he wished Woods and his family well.

“It can’t be easy but I just wish him the best for himself and

his family,” Phelps said at the Manchester Aquatics Centre. “I’d

be the first to admit I’ve made a lot of mistakes both in and out

of the pool.

Phelps, who won a record eight Olympic gold medals in Beijing,

was photographed with his mouth to a marijuana pipe last year.

“Of the mistakes I’ve made I’ve never made the same mistake

again. I’ve become a much stronger person and I’ve helped other

people not make the same mistakes.”

Woods, who is taking an indefinite leave from golf, has not

spoken publicly since crashing his SUV outside his home three weeks

ago. Since then, several women have said that they have had affairs

with the world’s No. 1 golfer.

After the photograph of Phelps was published in a British

tabloid, USA Swimming suspended him for three months. But he

rebounded in July and won five golds and a silver at the world

championships in Rome.

Phelps is in Manchester to lead an American team against the

best swimmers from Britain, Italy and Germany.