Floods turn PGA Tour course into a river just weeks before tournament

Bubba Watson has long been a supporter of The Greenbrier in West Virginia. He has a house at the resort and is one player that always plays in The Greenbrier Classic each year. Hopefully he’s able to continue that this year, but it may not be in his control.

Watson shared a video of the raging flood that has taken over the course, turning it into a massive stream. This is supposed to be a fairway. 

He also tweeted a photo of the first hole from the tee box. 

The Greenbrier Classic is scheduled to be held from July 4-10, which is just two weeks away. With all the damage that has been done to the course and the resort, as well, it’s going to take a lot of work to get it ready for a PGA Tour event in short time. 

The roads outside the resort didn’t look much better. 

This is pretty terrifying, and you can only imagine the stress this is causing among those in charge of the tournament.