Golfers flex abs to attract female players

The Professional Golfers’ Association (PGA) of Australia is trying to change the game’s unflattering image as a haven for big bellies with a sexed-up promotional campaign to attract more female recruits, The Courier-Mail reported Wednesday.

The normally-staid PGA of Australia has unveiled photos displaying young pro golfers with rippling six packs and slick, modern fashion sense to challenge the stereotype.

This progressive "sweet, young swings" campaign is set to make pro James McLean, 32, a semi-dressed screensaver favorite — because his abs will make his scoring irrelevant.

"I’ve already sent him to all my friends on Facebook," said Janelle Spence, a woman first and the Queensland PGA’s tournament administrator second.

"It’s a nice change for the athleticism of young golfers to be highlighted when the big gut look and the overkill in the dress sense of many male golfers is a turn-off."

PGA of Australia chief executive Brian Thorburn said the "revolutionary" campaign was aimed at attracting a new breed of golfers, especially women in the 18-30 age bracket.

"The idea behind the campaign is to break down some of the traditional stereotypes surrounding golf and PGA members that can be prohibitive to new people taking up the game," Thorburn said.

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