Muirfield member rips Rory McIlroy, defends the club’s ban on women

Rory McIlroy

Charles McQuillan/Getty Images

Last week, the R&A announced it was pulling Muirfield out of the British Open rotation after the private golf club upheld its ban on women.

After two years of consultation, Muirfield took a vote on whether female members should be allowed, and while a majority of the club’s 750 members voted yes, the vote fell 14 short from the two-thirds majority required to change the rules. 

This, obviously, was not a good look for anyone involved in golf, and Muirfield’s decision frustrated some of the game’s most high-profile stars. Rory McIlroy had this to say:

Now, one Muirfield member who was among those who voted to continue the ban on women has come out to explain and defend the club’s vote. John Douglas, an 81-year-old former Scottish rugby player, said in an interview with The Scotsman:

Douglas wasn’t done, though. He also ripped McIlroy for having the gall to speak out against Muirfield’s decision to continute banning women despite it being, you know, 2016.