LPGA Tour’s Blackhawk Country Club stop in limbo with loss of title sponsor CVS/pharmacy

It’s been common knowledge since August that CVS/pharmacy is

dropping out as an


Tour sponsor after this season,

which leaves the future of the event at Blackhawk Country Club in


But LPGA commissioner Mike Whan said Thursday that every effort

is being made to find a new sponsor that will keep its Northern

California tour stop at Blackhawk and possibly even move it to a

more favorable position on the schedule.

“It’s a very popular spot on the tour with the players,” Whan

said. “There are a lot of reasons — the community is awesome, the

golf course is great, and the hospitality of the area is really


The tour, which has had difficulty locating new sponsors in a

troubled economy, had 10 sponsorship contracts up for renewal for

2011, and CVS was the only one that declined. The Danville event

actually started with Longs Drugs as its sponsor in 2006, and CVS

picked up the final two years of the sponsorship contract when it

purchased Longs in 2008.

CVS sponsors the Caremark Charity Classic in Rhode Island in

June and wants to put more emphasis toward that two-day tournament

that features 20 players from the PGA, Champions and LPGA


The LPGA and Birmingham, Ala.-based Bruno Team Event are working

with Blackhawk Country Club and the Danville and San Ramon

communities to find a new sponsor. Whan said the search could go as

late as early April 2011 and still keep the event on the schedule

as is. But he added that if a new sponsor could be signed in the

next 55-60 days, the tournament could be moved to March instead of


“The Blackhawk membership is kind of a who’s who of the

executive scenario, too, so we’re working with them to see if we

can identify a sponsor,” Whan said. “We’ve had a couple of other

potential sponsors that we’ve talked to this week that like the

idea of rooting in Northern California and the Danville-San Ramon


“It seems like we’ve got so many of the pieces together. Now we

just need to find that one name to put out in front.”