Lara disqualified after caddie tried to hide club

Jose Manuel Lara has been disqualified from the BMW

International Open after the Spaniard’s caddie attempted to hide

having an extra club in his bag for the first round.

Realizing on the second hole that Lara was using 15 clubs for

Thursday’s round at the Gut Larcenhof course in Pulheim, the caddie

tried to hide the extra club in some bushes.

Lara thought the caddie had taken a diversion for a ”call of

nature,” but his playing partners, Damien McGrane and Peter

Hedblom, became suspicious. The caddie then admitted to Lara that

there had been 15 clubs in the bag.

John Paramor, chief referee of the European Tour, told Lara he

was disqualified from the $2.5 million tournament because a player

is responsible for his caddie’s actions.