Spieth admits on Saturday night, he wasn’t exactly zeroed in on golf

Sitting just 18 holes from history, Jordan Spieth spent Saturday night locked in on his final round at Augusta, one would figure.

Studying yardage, predicting pin placement, talking to veterans, replaying holes in his head.

Or … watching one of the raunchiest mainstream movies in recent years.

Speaking to reporters Sunday after locking up his first major and first green jacket by a total score equaled only by Tiger Woods, Spieth fessed up on where his focus was on the eve of Masters Sunday.

"It was ‘Forgetting Sarah Marshall,’ and it was on TV, that’s why" Spieth said. "It wasn’t the Golf Channel or Masters coverage.

"I think it’s one of the greatest movies in the world and I was really excited it came on. I had a few laughs; it takes your mind off anything that’s happening."

It isn’t clear if "it was on TV" means Spieth watched it on basic cable (i.e. edited) or premium cable, but the movie was released when Spieth was 14 and is most notable for star / writer Jason Segel’s full-frontal scene.